Zona pellucida damage to human embryos after cryopreservation and the consequences for their blastomere survival and in-vitro viability

E. Van den Abbeel
2000 Human Reproduction  
Etienne Van den Abbeel 1 and growing ice crystals at the advancing ice front (Leibo et al., 1978; Rall et al., 1984; Ashwood-Smith et al., 1988). When André Van Steirteghem cryopreserved mammalian embryos are recovered from liquid Centre for Reproductive Medicine, University Hospital and Medical nitrogen, therefore, embryos with damaged blastomeres and/ School, Dutch-speaking Brussels Free University (Vrije Universiteit or with a cracked zona pellucida (ZP) are found (Lehn-Jensen Brussel), Brussels, Belgium and Rall , 1983; Rall et al., 1984) .
doi:10.1093/humrep/15.2.373 pmid:10655309 fatcat:nxioxlzqdzex7d2mxhvlrhvrv4