Numerical investigations of SO(4) emergent extended symmetry in spin- 12 Heisenberg antiferromagnetic chains

Pranay Patil, Emanuel Katz, Anders W. Sandvik
2018 Physical review B  
The antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chain is expected to have an extended symmetry, [SU(2)xSU(2)]/Z 2 , in the infrared limit, whose physical interpretation is that the spin and dimer order parameters form the components of a common 4-dimensional vector. Here we numerically in- vestigate this emergent symmetry using quantum Monte Carlo simulations of a modified Heisenberg chain (the J-Q model) in which the logarithmic scaling corrections of the conventional Heisenberg chain can be avoided. We show
more » ... be avoided. We show how the two- and three-point spin and dimer correlation func- tions approach their forms constrained by conformal field theory as the system size increases and numerically confirm the expected effects of the extended symmetry on various correlation functions.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.98.014414 fatcat:qcdfibqlrbaanild72qevnyyda