Design of a Universal Micro Radial Drilling Machine

Ajay Singh, Nishant Moona
2016 IJSTE-International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering |   unpublished
In the present growing world of emerging technology, the micro machining process has demanding operation in various sectors like aerospace, oil, defence, automobile, biomedical science and many industries at micro and nano levels of manufacturing and designing. In various different types of micro machining, micro drilling is one of the tool based micro machining operation. Generally micro drilling is used to fabricate micro holes in micro products. Main emphasis is drilling speed (R.P.M) and
more » ... feed rate of the spindle. In this study, the cutting speed and feed rate will be taken as process parameters. We tried to increase the accuracy by giving feed to drill spindle through lead screw instead of direct feed. Here are some aspects which are considered in the design of universal micro radial drilling machine.