(Natural) Science and Technique in Medicine: Teaching Competences along with Research Activities

Johannes Lang, Holger Repp
2020 6th International Conference on Higher Education Advances (HEAd'20)   unpublished
While factual knowledge is more and more present in digital format anywhereand anytime, (higher) education needs to extend its scope to supporting thedevelopment of personal skills and competences.The teaching and learning project "(Natural) Science and Technique inMedicine – SciTecMed" is closely related to recent research in theintersectional field of natural science, technique and medicine. Local expertsfrom the natural science and medical faculties engage in various teachingformats that are
more » ... open for students of various majors. Together, studentsexperience the idea of interdisciplinary collaboration, discuss from theirindividual perspectives and learn to learn from each other and to instruct eachother. By the given context of the research activities, students earn insightsinto the scientific process and the usage of appropriate (digital) tools, enhancetheir corresponding skills and have the chance to take part into the scientificactivities. We describe the concept of the project, potential obstacles, student'sinterests as well as the syndetic benefits for both sides – education ANDresearch.
doi:10.4995/head20.2020.11256 fatcat:dbd37lafbvbezmgmqgmjs2rw7a