Power Stolen Prevention by Using PIC16882 Microcontroller

Shubhangi Raghute, Anurag Chakole, Shrikant Kharde, Rahul Solanke
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
In developing countries, power theft is one of the most comprehensive issues which cause not only economic losses but also uneven supply of electricity. It frustrates working of industries and factories, due to shortage of power supplied to them. It causes shortage of power supply to homes. It leads to loss of income by Government as individual enterprises may option to install their own power generators, increases fraud in form of stimulus and many more. Science and technology with or its
more » ... vement has absorbed human life to a great increase that imagine a world without this invention is hardly possible, while technology is on their raising slope we should also note the increasing illegal activities. With technology view, "power stolen" is non ignorable crime that is highly extensive and at that time is directly affects the economy of nation. Data collected our Tirunelvile District; Bhel delicate proves the obligation of this project.