Latent Palm Prints- an Appraisal of Concealed individualize Evidence and Its Aspect in Forensic Investigation

Amit Chauhan
2017 Journal of Forensic Sciences & Criminal Investigation  
With the advancement in forensic science, the criminal felons also have adopted the new methods to commit the crime with a fundamental intention not to leave any traces at the scene of occurrence. Hence, it has been the concern of forensic jurisdiction to analyze the evidences recouped from the different aquatic environment. Evidences might be encountered in distinct form i.e. latent prints, blood stain, sweat, semen, etc. and the authorities must recognize them for further custodial procedure.
more » ... These evidences inherently implement many of the individual characteristics to identify an individual after a treatment (Intensification of Palm prints/ Fingerprints). Both the, intensified palm prints and fingerprints provides the friction ridge information in form of a hidden impression over any surface. This study was carried out to get the information about the individuality from the intensified palm prints present on documents. As a study, it was observed that each intensified palm print carried the sufficient information about an individual up-to a definite level of detail. This implementation of intensified palm prints along with the examination of questioned documents could increase the potential value of evidences in court of law and put on the par above of all other evidences.
doi:10.19080/jfsci.2017.06.555696 fatcat:c2fhczuytjbkrnzt75slas7u4u