Introducing and evaluating a Farsi-language version of the staggered spondaic word test in normal hearing subject

Fahimeh Hajiabolhassan, Younes Lotfi, Firouz Azordegan
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and Aim: The staggered spondaic word (SSW) test is potent to evaluate the function of the central auditory nervous system. As the Farsi version is not available, the purpose of this study was to prepare a Farsi language version of SSW (FLV-SSW), and to conduct a primary evaluation. Materials and Methods: The Farsi-language version of SSW was first prepared and recorded on a tape. Fifty-eight normal hearing individuals with mean age 29.72 years were avaluated in Rehabilitation School of Iran
more » ... School of Iran University of Medical Sciences in 3 months. Results: The mean scores of Raw SSW was 98.364 in the normal group. The minimum and maximum percentage of errors of Corrected SSW were-6 and 8 for each of the conditions,-4.75 and 5 for each ear and-3.88 and 3.75 for the entire test (total). The maximum number of reversals was one. There is no difference between males and females scores. Conclusion: Based on the obtained results, the FLV-SSW test appears to have potential as a useful measure of central auditory processing but the generalization of this results needs further studies.