Lapis Lazuli An International Literary Journal The Art of (De-)Banning Books: Towards an Aesthetics of Obscenity

Neha Khurana
This paper is intended to be an exploration of the disjunctions between the domain of aesthetic theory and the domain of law through an analysis of the varied definitions that can be seen coming out from these different domains. While the legal definition of law (that can be gleaned from various judgements on books that have been banned) focuses on social function of art and morality of the reading subjects, aesthetic theory seems to imply that a fixed definition may not even be possible given
more » ... be possible given the subjective nature of the reception of art. Cases of books that courts considered banning on account of obscenity have been taken up as this is where the clash between these two ideologies can be best seen through a tussle between Section 292 of IPC and Article 29 of the