Generalized Fleming-Viot processes with immigration via stochastic flows of partitions

Alea, Lat
2012 Am. J. Probab. Math. Stat   unpublished
The generalized Fleming-Viot processes were defined in 1999 by Don-nelly and Kurtz using a particle model and by Bertoin and Le Gall in 2003 using stochastic flows of bridges. In both methods, the key argument used to characterize these processes is the duality between these processes and exchangeable coalescents. A larger class of coalescent processes, called distinguished coalescents, was set up recently to incorporate an immigration phenomenon in the underlying population. The purpose of
more » ... article is to define and characterize a class of probability measure-valued processes called the generalized Fleming-Viot processes with immigration. We consider some stochastic flows of partitions of Z + , in the same spirit as Bertoin and Le Gall's flows, replacing roughly speaking, composition of bridges by coagulation of partitions. Identifying at any time a population with the integers N := {1, 2, ...}, the formalism of partitions is effective in the past as well as in the future especially when there are several simultaneous births. We show how a stochastic population may be directly embedded in the dual flow. An extra individual 0 will be viewed as an external generic immigrant ancestor, with a distinguished type, whose progeny represents the immigrants. The "modified" lookdown construction of Donnelly-Kurtz is recovered when neither simultaneous multiple births nor immigration are taken into account. In the last part of the paper we give a sufficient criterion for the initial types extinction.