Placement Methods of Phosphorus and Potassium for Corn and Soybean Managed with No-till and Chisel-plow/Disk Tillage [report]

Antonio P. Mallarino, David Rueber
2012 unpublished
No-till management limits the incorporation of crop residue and fertilizer with soil resulting in wetter, colder soils and the accumulation of organic matter, phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) near the soil surface. Banding of P and K could be more effective than broadcast fertilization by counteracting stratification, applying nutrients in the root zone (starter effect), and minimizing reactions with the soil that may reduce their availability to plants. Therefore, this long-term study was
more » ... blished in 1994 to evaluate P and K fertilizer placement methods and grain yield of corn-soybean rotations managed with notill and chisel-plow/ disk tillage.
doi:10.31274/farmprogressreports-180814-2256 fatcat:eqjjqsxtxjh7nochh6bhhe2jmy