Techniques for acquiring and tracking MIL-STD-181B signals

M.K. Nezami
MILCOM 2002. Proceedings  
This paper examines the use of spectral estimation and maximum likelihood estimation techniques in acquiring and tracking current MIL-STD-I 88-1 81 B UHF SATCOM wave fornis . Digital signal processing (DSP)based algorithms are presented that will acquire and track the carrier phase, carrier jequency offset, and symbol timing for the dual-h quaternary continuous phase modulated (CPW waveforms. The algorithm are derived mathematically Jirst, then using computer simulations. Performance is
more » ... d for various modulation rates, channel conditions, and different signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) levels. Several methods are then proposed to enhance the performance of these algorithms without requiring additional computational resources. The algorithms are easily conjgurable for ditjerent niodulations and data rates, thus making them suitable for implementation in next generation sojlware-defined UHF tactical radios. 0-7803-7625-0/02/$17.00 02002 IEEE.
doi:10.1109/milcom.2002.1180444 fatcat:hv3naefbl5dfxcio65ge5siyni