Local model checking and protocol analysis

Xiaoqun Du, Scott A. Smolka, Rance Cleaveland
1999 International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT)  
This paper describes a local model-checking algorithm for the alternation-free fragment of the modal mucalculus that has been implemented in the Concurrency Factory and discusses its application to the analysis of a realtime communications protocol. The protocol considered is RETHER, a software-based, real-time Ethernet protocol developed at SUNY at Stony Brook. Its purpose is to provide guaranteed bandwidth and deterministic, periodic network access to multimedia applications over commodity
more » ... ernet hardware. Our model-checking results show that (for a particular network configuration) RETHER makes good on its bandwidth guarantees to real-time nodes without exposing nonreal-time nodes to the possibility of starvation. Our data also indicate that, in many cases, the state-exploration overhead of the local model checker is significantly smaller than the total amount that would result from a global analysis of the protocol. In the course of specifying and verifying RETHER, we also identified an alternative design of the protocol that warranted further study due to its potentially smaller run-time overhead. Again, using local model checking, we showed that this alternative design also possesses the properties of interest. This observation points up one of the often-overlooked benefits of formal verification: by forcing designers to understand their designs rigorously and abstractly, these techniques often enable the designers to uncover interesting design alternatives. Research supported in part by NSF grants CCR-9505562 and CCR-9705998, and AFOSR grants F49620-95-1-0508 and F49620-96-1-0087.
doi:10.1007/s100090050031 fatcat:xv5qytu45vejvpjnc62lmqqgpa