Jet Ink Penetration into Papers Filled with Different Size of Silica Particles

Wei YU, Takayuki HORIE, Takeshi AMARI
1999 Journal of the Japan Society of Colour Material  
In this study, we investigated the ink penetration behavior into sized papers including silica particles having different size and discussed the relationship between the porous structure of paper and ink penetration behavior. Jet ink penetration behavior was investigated by measuring contact angle of jet ink droplet on sample paper. An aqueous dye jet ink and a pigment suspension jet ink were used in this study. From experimental results, it can be seen that in the paper matrix, the effective
more » ... ix, the effective surface area of small particles for ink penetration seems to be greater than that of large particles and the smaller particles are apt to form inter-particle flow channels without any obstacles from paper fibers. Therefore ink wetting and penetration proceed more smoothly in the paper filled with the small particles. In the initial stage of the ink penetration, the disperse medium of the pigment suspension ink is quickly adsorbed into the small pores in porous silica particles, and hence the penetration of the pigment suspension ink is faster than that of the dye solution ink. On the other hand, in the longer time region, the penetration of the pigment ink is retarded because the pigments accumulate and block up the ink penetration channels.
doi:10.4011/shikizai1937.72.228 fatcat:rwhc34jjtndgncft5zavrsd77y