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Philipp de Vrese
2020 unpublished
Please note that, in the following point by point address, we repeat the reviewer's comments in red letters while our response is given in black letters. General de Vrese and coauthors present modeling study that investigates the response of the continental high latitude carbon cycle under "idealized" transient climate change with trend inversion at different points in time during the course of this century. The paper is in general very clear and addresses the important question of how the
more » ... n cycle reacts under overshoot scenarios. It provides interesting into the complex interplay between the numerous processes and factors that would determine the trajectory of the climate system under overshoot scenarios, although it is clear that the current uncertainties (appropriately acknowledged in the paper) preclude firm predictions of he evolution of continental high latitude CO2 and CH4 fluxes under such scenarios.The paper is well structured and also well written, although, as far as I can judge(I'm not a native speaker either), the English could be improved in many places (for example: 1 C2
doi:10.5194/tc-2020-164-ac2 fatcat:rwadbssxvrh7vohtkg2ia42loq