Mrs Thomas, Ajit Prabhu
2014 International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review   unpublished
The study evaluates the attitude of rural women towards entrepreneurship in Kerala. A Sample of 50 rural women is taken for evaluation from Kollam district. Vast majority of women in Kerala are intending to become entrepreneurs especially women's in rural areas but according to the statistics available, in 2010-11 out of the 84878 enterprises started in micro, small and medium enterprises only 2629 units are owned and operated by women. Majority of graduated / non-graduated rural women are not
more » ... tarting their income generation activity due to problems which are primarily in lack of right attitude for starting an enterprise, The recent trend shows that if proper awareness and support is provided for rural women that will encourage them to establish new endeavours. The purpose of the study is to bring out a solution to these problems. This happens to be the area that necessitates the study. INTRODUCTION The Government of India has defined women entrepreneurs as "an enterprise owned and controlled by women having a minimum financial interest of 51 per cent of the capital and giving at least 51 per cent of the employment generated in the enterprise to women". In order to encourage more and more women enterprises in the MSE sector, several schemes have been implemented by government targeted for the development of women enterprises in India. Education is one important factor which influences the lifestyle and living conditions of any human being. The education level of rural women is a factor in moulding them as aspiring entrepreneurs. The attitude and perceptions of rural women towards entrepreneurship and the availability of certain favourable factors such as support system, availability of financing, entrepreneurship training, adoption of new technologies, technology transfer avenues, marketing avenues etc., are other probable factors that can influence rural women in becoming an entrepreneur.