Dynamic Bridge-Finding in Õ(log2 n) Amortized Time [chapter]

Jacob Holm, Eva Rotenberg, Mikkel Thorup
2018 Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms  
We present a deterministic fully-dynamic data structure for maintaining information about the bridges in a graph. We support updates in O((log n) 2 ) amortized time, and can find a bridge in the component of any given vertex, or a bridge separating any two given vertices, in O(log n/ log log n) worst case time. Our bounds match the current best for bounds for deterministic fully-dynamic connectivity up to log log n factors. The previous best dynamic bridge finding was an O((log n) 3 ) amortized
more » ... time algorithm by Thorup [STOC2000], which was a bittrick-based improvement on the O((log n) 4 ) amortized time algorithm by Holm et al.[STOC98, JACM2001]. Our approach is based on a different and purely combinatorial improvement of the algorithm of Holm et al., which by itself gives a new combinatorial O((log n) 3 ) amortized time algorithm. Combining it with Thorup's bittrick, we get down to the claimed O((log n) 2 ) amortized time. Essentially the same new trick can be applied to the biconnectivity data structure from [STOC98, JACM2001], improving the amortized update time to O((log n) 3 ). We also offer improvements in space. We describe a general trick which applies to both of our new algorithms, and to the old ones, to get down to linear space, where the previous best use O(m + n log n log log n). Our result yields an improved running time for deciding whether a unique perfect matching exists in a static graph.
doi:10.1137/1.9781611975031.3 dblp:conf/soda/HolmRT18 fatcat:7i7ehjmdzjdxbm26tzy72rfe5q