Analytical expressions and distributions of vertical gradient of gravity caused by model bodies symmetry with respect to a vertical axis, and characteristics of these maps

Toshio Hiroshima, Masahiko Makino
2006 BUTSURI-TANSA(Geophysical Exploration)  
We canˆnd many symmetrical gravity anomalies such as center point symmetry in the gravity map series (1 : 200,000) published by Geological survey of Japan, AIST. To analyze these gravity anomalies, the authors reviewed the computing equations of vertical gradient of gravity caused by the model bodies with center point symmetry (vertical solid circular cylinder, circular cone, circular parabola, ellipsoid). Some characteristics are described in the maps drawn by these computing equations.
doi:10.3124/segj.59.193 fatcat:vgsobhjmynhfhm4h2wy4z7hqzm