J0310403 Bivariate Statistical Analysis of Damage in Steam Turbine Components against Start-up Cycles and Operation Time for Expecting Repair Amounts
J0310403 蒸気タービン損傷の起動回数と運転時間に対する2変数統計解析と補修量予測

Yudai IIDA, Kazunari FUJIYAMA, Kazuhiro SAITO
2015 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
Bivadate log − nomal distrib 曲 n analyses were conducted on 出 e speci 且c output class of steam 加 rbine components such as rotors , moving blades , nozzies , casings . The damage phenomena were erosion , creep de 飾 tion, fhtigue cracking , fbuling , scoring and so on excluding thc repeated events a 負er repairmant . Time and cycles to the occu π ence of each event wcre regressed as log − normal type distribution f ction respectivcly but either contribution should not be ignored . Then biva 酒 ate
more » ... og − normal type distribution fUnctions were applied to thc event data and proved to be almost successfUlly identified to represent the distribution characteristics . The quadraUc exponent g of the biv卸 ate log ・ normal distributions was introduced to show the equi − probability contours oftime and cycles and used to evaluate equi − hsk 釦 nctions where 血 e consequence was a面 buted to 丗 e cost Gf repaiment . Therc a 丘er total bivariate risk fUnctions was established and the total optimization of repair cost regarding to time and cycles pattern of steam turbine plant . This tool was proved to be usefUI fbr realizing notional maintenance planning in actual components .
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2015._j0310403- fatcat:sjxb65fetzcttnp6ostir75kwy