The Boolean algebra and central Galois algebras

George Szeto, Lianyong Xue
2001 International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences  
LetBbe a Galois algebra with Galois groupG,Jg={b∈B∣bx=g(x)b for all x∈B}forg∈G, andBJg=Begfor a central idempotenteg. Then a relation is given between the set of elements in the Boolean algebra(Ba,≤)generated by{0,eg∣g∈G}and a set of subgroups ofG, and a central Galois algebraBewith a Galois subgroup ofGis characterized for ane∈Ba.
doi:10.1155/s0161171201007104 fatcat:53cgvdshgvgjjlthf3mw7nc7qq