A Study on DNA Degeneration by Comet Assay & Pathological Observation for Mouse Which were Exposed HCN Gases from Fire
화재로 인한 HCN 가스에 노출된 마우스의 병리학적 관찰 및 단세포 전기영동법을 사용한 DNA 변성 추적에 관한 연구

Nam-Wook Cho, Eun-Ha Oh, Sung-Kwy Hwang
2012 Journal of the Korean Institute of Gas  
요 약 화재시 당면할 수 있는 위험성의 여러 인자 가운데 연소 독성 영향은 피난 및 최종 생존에 중요한 영향을 미치 고 있다. 화재 독성에 지금까지 대한 대부분의 연구는 치사 측면에 국한되어 왔다. 이에 본 연구에서는 대표적인 질식성 가스인 HCN을 대상으로 가스유해성시험방법(KS F 2271)을 통하여 실험동물(흰쥐)에 직접 독성가스를 흡입시킨 후 평균행동정지시간을 측정하고, 이들 실험동물군의 내부 장기 변화, 혈액학 분석 및 단세포전기영동 분석을 통해 연소 독성가스가 생체에 미치는 영향을 정량적으로 분석하고자 하였으며, 기존 가스유해성시험에 서 확인할 수 없었던 접근(병리검사, 혈액검사, 혈액생화학검사, 단세포전기영동분석)을 통해 연소 독성학 분야 의 생물학적 위험도를 측정하고자 하였다. Abstract -Combustion Toxic Effects among several factors of risk encountered during fire are important in
more » ... are important in the evacuation and final survival, and they are broader and fatal than the direct damages caused by flame. Most studies on fire toxicity until the present are limited to fatality, mainly deaths by fire through pathological research. In this study, it is conducted as a fundamental experiment to address 3 principles of animal experiment and to provide an alternative test to animal testing that is regulated by national building codes and it was conducted through approval by the animal testing ethics committee. Hence, in this study average time of activity stop was measured after directly inhaling toxic gases (HCN) to laboratory animals (mice) through gas toxicity test (KS F 2271) for major asphyxiating gases(HCN) which are produced during fire combustion. effects of Combustion toxic gases on body were quantitatively analyzed through changes in internal organs and hematological analysis, and electrophoresis of a single cell of these laboratory animals. Biological conclusion of combustion toxicology is drawn through approaches (pathological examination, blood test, blood biochemical test, electrophoresis analysis of single cell) which could not confirmed in existing gas toxicity test.
doi:10.7842/kigas.2012.16.6.7 fatcat:hqm3g2ade5bffj7fe7la57mkim