Geological investigations in Lower Palaeozoic terrain of northern Greenland between 78°30'N and 81°30'N

J.S Peel
1978 Rapport Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse  
The 1977 field season concluded a three year programme in Washington Land (Henriksen & Peel, 1976; Peel, 1977) aimed at the compilation of standard profiles through the Lower Palaeozoic and the ultimate production of a 1:500 000 geological map. Members of the party of six worked in Washington Land, southern Hall Land and Inglefield Land (fig. 5) with the supportof a Greenlandair Charter Bell 204 helicopter periodically travelling north from Thule Air Base.
doi:10.34194/rapggu.v90.7580 fatcat:jvzg7wabrnafxedrjzkmdtrozm