Solidarity economy between a focus on the local and a global view

K. Volkmann
According to conventional wisdom, money serves the following functions: it is a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a store of value. However, if we broaden our perspective, we might conceive of money also as a medium of communication, as a means to either change soci-ety, or to preserve a community in the sense of "resilience" against outside threat. It is this idea, which the following article wants to further explore, against the background of the newly estab-lished regional
more » ... regional currencies (Regionalwährungen) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If we are not solely occupied with the Iinancial stability of a currency, but with how a currency can con-tribute to the stability and cohesion of a community and of society as a whole, then we are well advised to look at accompanying structures, physical and social, which may be subsumed under the notion of "solidarity economy". *
doi:10.15133/j.ijccr.2012.016 fatcat:errk6sw67fe73l5n3kwvdho5ae