An integrated methodology for knowledge-based system development

1994 Expert systems with applications  
This article details a rigorous development methodology for knowledge-based systems. This rigorous methodology is itself embedded within a multilevel process model for software development. The rigorous methodology is designed to utilize a set of formal or rigorous specifications in a composite style. These specifications detail areas like the knowledge base, the human-computer interface, and the representation, linked together through a process of representation refinement. The rigorous
more » ... logy aims at combining the aspects of knowledge engineering, cognitive engineering, and software engineering as they relate to knowledge-based systems. The knowledge-based systems development methodology is embedded within a two-level life, cycle model. The two levels are termed the macroand microlevels. The macrolevel is used to understand the impact that those factors external to the actual system development have upon the system's creation and life cycle. These external factors include such influences as changes in technology and corporate planning. The microlevel is a process model that utilizes techniques.from total quality management, measurement theory, and cost estimation, among others, to assist the software developer in producing software through a process of never-ending quality improvement. All of these techniques are utilized and complimentary to each other. The aim of having two levels is to allow the developer to focus upon each item separately but to understand the factors upon which the factor's development rests and its impact upon the other subprocesses.
doi:10.1016/0957-4174(94)90042-6 fatcat:iszclp7shbbzbkuebrywv7xeca