Speech Separation Using Convolutional Neural Network and Attention Mechanism

Chun-Miao Yuan, Xue-Mei Sun, Hu Zhao
2020 Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society  
Speech information is the most important means of human communication, and it is crucial to separate the target voice from the mixed sound signals. This paper proposes a speech separation model based on convolutional neural networks and attention mechanism. The magnitude spectrum of the mixed speech signals, as the input, has its high dimensionality. By analyzing the characteristics of the convolutional neural network and attention mechanism, it can be found that the convolutional neural
more » ... can effectively extract low-dimensional features and mine the spatiotemporal structure information in the speech signals, and the attention mechanism can reduce the loss of sequence information. The accuracy of speech separation can be improved effectively by combining two mechanisms. Compared to the typical speech separation model DRNN-2 + discrim, this method achieves 0.27 dB GNSDR gain and 0.51 dB GSIR gain, which illustrates that the speech separation model proposed in this paper has achieved an ideal separation effect.
doi:10.1155/2020/2196893 doaj:c5b71d75a44b42daaa0de1388bf01d6b fatcat:7nm7niv3trfcjpxfm5x4huwvoy