Peer conformity and achievement in female manic-depressives

Joseph Becker, John Altrocchi
1968 Journal of Abnormal Psychology  
The assumption that female manic-depressives have similar personality characteristics to those reported for male manic-depressives was tested. Besides using previously employed self-report measures from which personality attributes related to conformity and value achievement have been inferred, a peer conformity experiment was carried out. 16 remitted female manicdepressives were matched with 16 nonpsychiatric controls. The groups did not differ on the self-report personality measures.
more » ... tal conformity scores were analyzed as a function of direction and intensity of confederate endorsement of authoritarian statements. Manic-depressives were generally less conforming than controls (p < .01). Endorsement conditions yielded varying amounts of conformity, with extremely positive confederate endorsement evoking significant anticonformity in remitted manic-depressives.
doi:10.1037/h0026605 fatcat:y7uter7da5bavhekwwleddymte