Novel Approach for the Cyclic Voltammetric Determination of an Antidepressant Drug (Dosulepin) in Pharmaceutical Formulations

Ram Lal Saini, Seema Parveen, Rajni Bais
2022 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation  
This research was focused on the development of a quick, simple, precise, and cost-effective voltammetric method for quantifying dosulepin. Materials and Methods: The antidepressant drug (dosulepin) was assessed in pharmaceutical formulations using square wave voltammetric (SWV) and Differential pulse voltammetric (DPV) techniques at a glassy carbon potentiometric working electrodes (GCE). Results: Dosulepin demonstrated a single clear and sharp cathodic peak in the applied potential -0.7 to
more » ... 75 V versus Ag/AgCl/KCl reference electrode. Results from cyclic voltammetry, DPV, and SWV revealed one reduction wave with a peak potential of -0.7 V at pH 7. The proposed method's excellent sensitivity was demonstrated by the obtained LOD of 7.686 x10 -8 mol L -1 and a LOQ of 2.589x10 -7 mol L -1 bulk were by applying Differential Pulse Voltammmetry method. On other hand a LOD of 1.735x10 -7 mol L -1 and a LOQ of 5.785x10 -7 mol L -1 bulk dosulepin were achieved by applying the Square Wave Voltammetry method. Conclusion: The suggested methods might be recommended for usage in quantitative detection, product testing, and research laboratories.
doi:10.5530/ijpi.2022.4.78 fatcat:67x7pnev35aqjk7qkzq7ysduta