Medical Gerontology in Clinical Practice

Prof Zarko, Santic
2016 Materia Socio Medica   unpublished
Printed by: Grafotisak, Grude, BiH. B5 format, hard cover, 700 pages. ISBN: 978-9958-16-049-3. In recent years, thanks to better living conditions, improved hygienic conditions as well as advances of modern medicine, the number of people living until very old age has increased considerably. It is believed that in 2020 in the developed world will be around 20% of the population older than 65 years, so this so-called, planetary phenomenon becomes not only a medical and biological problem, but
more » ... al problem, but will have a broader socioeconomic and demographic implications. The emergence of a large number of elderly represents an inevitable, but positive fact that deserves a lot of attention in order that the life of the elderly is better and more meaningful. Our efforts to help the people to prolong their lifespan should be directed, not only in terms of maintaining physical strength and eliminate the disease, but towards longer life that is more valuable, more beautiful and richer by content. It is said that life should be added to years and not years to life. Gerontology is the science of aging and geriatrics is a medical discipline that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, care, rehabilitation, but also prevention of diseases in the elderly, which are, by definition of the World Health Organization all persons older than 65 years of age.