Pedagogic implementation in medical education

Carlos Lavalle-Montalvo, Félix Arturo Leyva-González
Cirugía y Cirujanos  
The purpose of this study was to provide elements to consider the use and relevance of pedagogic instruments and strategies in medical education with a constructivist approach.Any teaching process should be supported by a plan, having a theoretical approach such as the curriculum, as well as teaching-learning strategies, pedagogic resources and evaluation instruments relevant to each learning process. In order to select a teaching-learning strategy, a professor should consider the following:
more » ... r the following: learning objectives and goals, students' learning styles and available didactic resources. Evaluation should be appropriate to teaching principles and practices. Professors should keep in mind the availability of valid and reliable evaluation instruments that assess students' gained knowledge through authentic, real-life situations. Finally, because competences are a set of multidimensional and interrelated attributes (knowledge, clinical skills, techniques, attitudes), their appropriate evaluation is a challenge that will require several types of instruments.
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