Activities of Coffee in the Fertility Hormones, Haemostatic and Biochemical Profile of Female Albino Wistar Rats

FN Oguwike, CL Chukwu, SC Oraegbunam, RI Eze
2016 Greener Journal of Medical Sciences  
The activities of Coffee on the fertility hormones, haemostatic and biochemical profile of female Albino wistar rats have been investigated. The rats (180 -200g) were housed in the animal house of the Dept. of physiology of the University. The rats were divided into two groups of 12 rats(control)and24 rats [Test].Group 1[control]was fed with normal rat feed and tap water ad libitum while group 2(Test rats)were given rat feed Coffee extract and tap water ad libitum. The study lasted for
more » ... the end of the experiment, cardiac puncture was used to collect blood samples for hormonal assay, and blood analysis. Results showed that fertility hormones (FSH, LH, Prolactin, Progesterone, Testosterone) and haematological indices in the test animals were significantly reduced (p<0.05) compared to the control rats. The extract also prolonged the bleeding time, clotting time, Prothrombin time and Partial thromboplastin kaolin test (p<0.05), but most of the liver function profile were not significantly affected except for alkaline phosphatise which was reduced. Therefore it is concluded that Coffee extract affects fertility hormones in rats but does not affect the liver function profiles and protein level, hence suggesting a continuum of favourable effect on liver function and protein concentration of the body.
doi:10.15580/gjms.2016.3.052016094 fatcat:bykgzjp2u5cqrlcogwr42yamw4