A Multivariable Controller for an Automotive Gas Turbine

D. E. Winterbone, N. Munro, D. J. Nuske
1979 Volume 1A: Gas Turbines   unpublished
A complete control system design study is described, starting with a non-linear mathematical model and finishing with the control hardware. The basic objective of the study was to design a controller which reduced the characteristically poor response of the two-shaft automotive gas turbine. This was achieved by identifying the reasons for the acceleration delay and then designing the controller to compensate for them. The gas turbine was simulated by means of a quasi-steady non-linear
more » ... mic model implemented on a digital computer. Careful manipulation of the equations enabled the model to run in real-time. This model was linearized at various operating points and the transfer functions obtained were compared with those measured on the plant. The control system was designed using Rosenbrock's multivariable inverse Nyquist array technique. These compensators were grafted onto the original single loop control box and fitted to the engine. The results obtained on the engine test bed are compared with those using the original controller. A very large reduction in response lag is obtained with the multivariable control system.
doi:10.1115/79-gt-73 fatcat:3yrl7sij2fe6xmzghlfy3qckme