The abandonment of entrenched meanders: Wye, eyenlode, cherwell, thames

A. Morley Davies
1922 Proceedings Geological Association  
I'h e N ewl and abandoned-meander of the Wye as a type : its three sections (1) th e deepened r esidual stream -va lley , (2) the dry hanging valley, (3) the reversed stre am -va lley. D eposit s in th e middle secti on . Th e meander-core. An oth er possible bu t less typical case at Bi g sweir. The Evenlod e meand er s: t heir restrict ion to the Great Ooli te ou tcrop . T ypi cal ab andoned-meander at N or th L eigh , and abandone d core less meander at L ong H anborough. R ela tion t o
more » ... R ela tion t o gravel terraces. Oth er more doubtful cases. Th e T ackley abandoned -mean der of th e Cherwell. The double meander of the Tham es near Wallingford. M eand er-cores near Reading and Dartf ord,
doi:10.1016/s0016-7878(22)80026-2 fatcat:3vyumhyjlfeqflfhsubu5sa5gu