Yansıtıcı bir Araç olarak Öz-izleme: Öğretmen Eğitim Programlarında Mesleki Geli

2017 Turkish Studies  
Rapidly changing educational demands of today's society require skillful, well-equipped teachers to serve in educational contexts. To keep up with the developments in education and best meet needs of the learners in learning contexts the emphasis on teachers professional development is inevitable. Today's modern educational systems require teachers to continuously monitor their practice through a critical lense and improve their teaching practices. In order to teach better, there is a need for
more » ... here is a need for teachers to go into reflective thinking and become aware of their strenghts and weaknesses in teaching practices. Teacher training programs need to be designed and shaped in such a way that they should encourage reflective thinking in the teacher candidates and provide them learning environments where they can go into reflective practices. It is believed that with the help of such learning environments, teacher candidates can gain awareness in the need for becoming a lifelong learner. It is also believed that reflective thinking practices can enable teacher candidates experience permanent learning procedures.Within this framework, this study set out to explore the conceptions and preferences of a group of four inexperienced EFL MA students particularly about self-monitoring procedures with the help of classroom vignettes. For this purpose, semi structured interviews were employed. The findings indicated that written narrative and video recording were preferred self-monitoring procedures. The participants also indicated that they benefitted from the learning program in which constructivist model of teacher learning was adopted. Sibel ERSEL KAYMAKAMOĞLU Turkish Studies
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.12119 fatcat:tbcljkxsvfgbfizhbrdvpchx3y