Выдающиеся ученые-педагоги, методисты, вятские уроженцы Л. А. Цветков и В. Г. Разумовский

В.Б. Помелов
2019 №1 (2018)  
The article reveals the contribution of two outstanding Russian scientists in the field of pedagogy, methodologists Leonid Aleksandrovich Tsvetkov (19091993) and Vasily Grigorievich Razumovsky (19302017) to pedagogy. The main facts of their biographies are shown, the contribution of each of the scientists to the development of national pedagogical science, first of all, teaching methods are revealed. Both scientists were editorsinchief of the methodical magazines High school Chemistry and
more » ... Chemistry and Physics in school. The main achievement of L. A. Tsvetkov was the release in 1950 the textbook Inorganic chemistry intended for teaching in the 10th grade of secondary school, which is still used. The author of the textbook was awarded the State prize of the USSR in 1974. In the scientific activities of V. G. Razumovsky a significant place was occupied by his participation in international programs. Special attention is paid to the fact that both scientistsmethodist were natives of Vyatka region. Their connection with the Vyatka region, with local teachers and scientistsmethodists is shown. The story of L. A. Tsvetkov and V. G. Razumovsky includes Vyatka realities. Both scientists are included by the author of article in The hundred great teachers in the book 100 great teachers.
doi:10.25730/vsu.2070.18.062 fatcat:wo5uvyfhzrgkrjgi4c4lfuo6ve