Pattern discovery and disentanglement on relational datasets

Andrew K. C. Wong, Pei-Yuan Zhou, Zahid A. Butt
2021 Scientific Reports  
AbstractMachine Learning has made impressive advances in many applications akin to human cognition for discernment. However, success has been limited in the areas of relational datasets, particularly for data with low volume, imbalanced groups, and mislabeled cases, with outputs that typically lack transparency and interpretability. The difficulties arise from the subtle overlapping and entanglement of functional and statistical relations at the source level. Hence, we have developed Pattern
more » ... covery and Disentanglement System (PDD), which is able to discover explicit patterns from the data with various sizes, imbalanced groups, and screen out anomalies. We present herein four case studies on biomedical datasets to substantiate the efficacy of PDD. It improves prediction accuracy and facilitates transparent interpretation of discovered knowledge in an explicit representation framework PDD Knowledge Base that links the sources, the patterns, and individual patients. Hence, PDD promises broad and ground-breaking applications in genomic and biomedical machine learning.
doi:10.1038/s41598-021-84869-4 pmid:33707478 pmcid:PMC7952710 fatcat:vulfhp3bvvhcbgsgwlxguk7rvu