Study on the Effect of Physical Properties of Fuels on the Anode Reaction in a DCFC System
연료의 물리적 특성과 직접탄소연료전지의 연료극 반응성에 관한 연구

Tae-Wook Ko, Seong-Yool Ahn, Gyung-Min Choi, Duck-Jool Kim
2011 Journal of Energy Engineering  
요 약 연료의 물리의 특성에 따른 직접탄소 연료전지(Direct Carbon Fuel Cell)성능해석을 위해 국내 화력발전소에 서 사용되고 있는 석탄 중에서 역청탄(Shenhua coal), 아역청탄(Adaro coal) 각 1종 및 순수한 탄소성분들의 결정체인 탄소 입자(Carbon particle)를 연료로 사용하여 Abstract -The effect of physical properties of coal fuels and carbon particle on performance of DCFC (Direct Carbon Fuel Cell) was investigated. Shenhua and Adaro were selected as coal fuel and carbon particle was used for comparing with coal. The Ultimate, proximate, SEM, XRD, and BET analysis of samples were
more » ... samples were conducted. The component of char was more important than that of raw coal because the operating temperature of reactor is higher than devolatilization region of coal. The surface area and volume of pores affected significantly the performance of the system than content of fixed carbon or char rates. The performance of DCFC with carbon particle was in proportional to working temperature.
doi:10.5855/energy.2011.20.4.309 fatcat:p4smzp3kx5dcvlgjsluxk3bveq