The Image of the Ally and the Practice of Interaction with Representatives of the Union Administrations in the Daily Life of SMAG Employees in 1945–1949
Образ союзника и практики взаимодействия с представителями союзных администраций в повседневной жизни сотрудников Советской военной администрации в Германии в 1945–1949 годы

Alexey V. Vlasov, Saratov State University
2020 Izvestiya of Saratov University New Series Series History International Relations  
The article examines how during the occupation of Germany after World War II, employees of the Soviet military administration interacted with former allies in the anti-Hitler coalition. Based on memories of the employees, various images of allies were identified. The author comes to the inference that the practices of interaction between Soviet employees and representatives of the allied administrations depended on the logic of the Cold war development.
doi:10.18500/1819-4907-2020-20-3-332-336 fatcat:pawfarf2nvaalckeog2qwzbw5y