Phonemic and Tonal Analysis of the Pianding Dialect of Naxi (Dadong County, Lijiang Municipality)

Alexis Michaud, He Likun 和丽昆
2015 Cahiers de Linguistique Asie Orientale  
This article sets out a phonemic and tonal analysis of the second author's native language: the (heretofore undescribed) Naxi dialect spoken in the village of Pianding (Dadong County, Lijiang Municipality, Yunnan). A distributional inventory brings out two pairs of phonemes that are of special interest to Naxi dialectology: (i) two apicalized vowels, /ɿ ̟ / and /ɿ ̠ /, and (ii) two rhotic vowels, /ɚ/ and /ɯ˞/, instead of only one apicalized vowel and one rhotic vowel in Lijiang Old Town
more » ... ng Old Town (Dayanzhen), the best-described dialect to date. These observations confirm and complement reports from other dialects; information on the lexical distribution of these conservative oppositions enriches the empirical basis for comparative-historical studies within the Naish subgroup of Sino-Tibetan. In the course of the discussion, observations about the Pianding dialect are placed in cross-dialect perspective; this article can thus serve as an introduction to key aspects of Naxi phonemics.
doi:10.1163/19606028-00441p01 fatcat:sjbkr2fbaveenaoypw7wchj4ee