Levels and Patterns in the Analysis of the Organizational Culture Levels and Patterns in the Analysis of the Organizational Culture

Mariana Cîmpeanu
Knowledge and analysis of the understand the respective culture, establish the main guidelines of the company values and understand the behaviours and attitudes of the employees. itself: the external level -the outside culture (which refers to local, regional or national culture), and inner level -the internal culture (including organizational culture, professional culture, the culture of a group). Starting from this assumption, one can identify the main components of the organizational
more » ... founders, the organization's history, values, beliefs and symbols, the way of thinking, the standards of behaviour etc. Some of these are visible visible foundation of culture -the hidden very connected and influence each other. Considering their importance, other authors iden more levels of culture (Denison, Hofstede, Shein), bringing forth first the values then the rituals, heroes and symbols. Different models of culture analysis help us explain the elements of culture and understand its importance by providing for the researchers a starting point in explaining specific aspects related to the organizational culture and the organizational behaviour. members of an organization are able to shape their behaviour, inside the company and the style of internal communication. They can determine the style of clothing and the dominant attitude inside the company, the way in which the management decisions and the staff policy.