Md Siddiq, Debasish Saha, Mahabubur Rahman, M Belal Hossain
The Meghna river is one of the largest rivers in Bangladesh and sustains country's important multi-species commercial fishery. A large number of fishing crafts and gears are operated in the Meghna estuary for commercial exploitation of the fishery resources. The present study was conducted to know the types of fishing gears and their mode of operation in the Meghna river estuary of Chandpur. The survey was designed to gather information on the type of gears, process of operation, cost, manpower
more » ... ion, cost, manpower needed for operation, seasons of operation and principal species of fish caught. The survey revealed that a wide variety of fishing gears were operated throughout the year in the study area for commercial fishing. Of the total, 5 gill, 2 seine, 1 fixed purse, 1 cast, 1 dip, 1 lift and 2 drag nets, 6 traps, 7 hooks and lines and 3 wounding gears were found in the study area. Some of the gears were selective for a particular species, whereas others account for a number of species caught during operation giving multispecies nature of the fishing. But a number of the fishing gears was found to catch fish irrespective of their size or species and destroys the habitat of the wild species thus causing multiple harms to the biodiversity of the estuary. An awareness or training program should be conducted to the fishermen to create awareness of the long-term effects of different fishing gears and to impart knowledge of fishing laws.