A scalable tuple space model for structured parallel programming

A. Corradi, F. Zambonelli, L. Leonardi
Programming Models for Massively Parallel Computers  
The paper proposes and analyses a scalable model of an associative distributed shared memory for massively parallel architectures. The proposed model is hierarchical and fits the modern style of structured parallel programming. If parallel applications are composed of a set of modules with a well-defined scope of interaction, the proposed model can induce a memory access latency time that only logarithmically increases with the number of nodes. Experimental results show the effectiveness of the
more » ... ffectiveness of the model with a transputer-based implementation The shared memory abstraction Shared memory is a well-accepted concept because of many years of experience in sequential and sharedmemory supercomputers programming. Moreover, abstract computational models based on shared memory abstract architectures, such as the PRAM one [2],
doi:10.1109/pmmpc.1995.504338 fatcat:4dm6kcxubzaone3epskro73wby