capacity damage pain

V Bălan, A Murgu, A Ionescu, Anefs, Bucuresti, Umf, Carol Davila, " Bucuresti
2009 Journal of Physical Education an Sport   unpublished
As soon as the injury has been caused, it must be treated carefully. The athlete is taken over by the members of the multidiscipline team which take into consideration the interrelationships between the psychical and physiological factors (M. Cordun, 2006). Through this work team tries the quickest rehabilitation of the athlete (without great damage at the level of performance capacity) and also the return of him to his activity at the level he was before the injury was caused. It is thought
more » ... t that multidiscipline team must understand the cognitive scheme of the injury. The cognitive scheme of the injury After Heil and Russel (1987, quoted by M. Cordun, 2006) The components of this scheme are: damage-is given by the medical evaluation of the physical dysfunction level, performed by the prognoses and physical tests; capacity-is the ability which one has got at the damage level, during the time; pain-is a complex of subjective perception caused by the injury and felt by the athlete. Although it is linked with damage and helplessness, it can be diversified independently.