Does the Multidrug-Resistance Modulator Cyclosporin a Increase the Cardiotoxicity of High-Dose Anthracycline Chemotherapy?

Ernst G. Eising, Pascal Gries, Jochen Eggert, Max E. Scheulen
1997 Acta Oncologica  
Cyclosporin A has heterogeneous effects on anthracycline-IPlated cardiotoxicity and can prevent muitidrug-resistance (MDR). The aim of this study was to explore whether the coadministration of cyclosporin A is accompanied by an increase in cardiotoxicity. Forty-three patients (27 male, 16 female, age: 18-67 yrs (mean: 47.5 yrs. SD: 11.6 yrs)) received 177 radionuclide ventriculogrdphy examinations (RNV/177 at rest. 133 at stress) before and during chemotherapy with either doxorubicin ( n = 23)
more » ... orubicin ( n = 23) or epirubicin (11 = 20). R N V studies were applied up to 1 I times i n the follow-up of the patients. A maximum of 10 courses of chemotherapy was performed. 111 the doxorubicin group only, the age of the patients and the cumulative dose of the chemotherapeutic agent had a significant negative impact on left ventricular ejection fractions. whereas cyclosporin A had a significant positive influence (multiple analysis of regression. p < 0.05). Cyclosporin A did not cause any significant increase in cardiotoxicity in our patients.
doi:10.3109/02841869709001347 pmid:9490093 fatcat:a2do7djw7ffkpmatjeouz6fvye