A simple analytical formula to compute the residual Mutual Information between pairs of data vectors [article]

Jens Kleinjung, Anthony C.C. Coolen
2016 bioRxiv   pre-print
The Mutual Information of pairs of data vectors, for example sequence alignment positions or gene expression profiles, is a quantitative measure of the interdependence between the data. However, data vectors based on a finite number of samples retain non-zero Mutual Information values even for completely random data, which is referred to as background or residual Mutual Information. Estimates of the residual Mutual Information have so far been obtained through heuristic or numerical
more » ... ns. Here we introduce a simple analytical formula for the computation of the residual Mutual Information that yields precise values and does not require the joint probabilities between the vector elements as input.
doi:10.1101/041988 fatcat:datnmbbfjrbmrgv6pk7vh2mpxe