LXII. The ranges of the α particles from the thorium and actinium products

H. Geiger, J.M. Nuttall
1912 The London Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science  
Ranges of a particles from Thorium and Actinium. 647 calculation of the diffusion coefficient. Hahn and Sackur* obtained the same value by following the change of activity directly by means of an electrometer. Similarly the period of transformation, 54 seconds or A.= 1"29 x 10 -2 see. -1 found by Bronson t, was adopted t~or thorium emanation. My thanks are due to Professor Rutherford for his help and interest in these experiments. Physical Laboratory, The Victoria University, Manchester LXII.
more » ... Manchester LXII. Tlve Ran,jes of the a particles.from the Thorium and Actinium _Products. By H. GmGEa, Ph.D., Lecturer in Physics, and J. M. NUTTALL, M.Sc., University of Manchester ~.
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