Investigation on nutrients uptake of henna ecotypes under deficit irrigation and nitrogen

H Sarhadi, J Daneshian, S Valadabadi, H Sharafabad, Gh Afsharmanesh
For investigation deficit irrigation and nitrogen application effect on nutrients uptake of henna ecotypes, this research was conducted in the form of split-split-plot on the basis of randomized complete block design with four replications in the Research Field of Islamic Azad University, Jiroft, Iran in 2013-2014. The main, sub and sub-sub plot were deficit irrigation (100, 75 and 50% of crop water requirement), ecotypes (Bami, Boushehri and Roudbari) and nitrogen amount (50, 100 and 150
more » ... . Results revealed that deficit irrigation had a significant effect on calcium, sodium and potassium/sodium (α≤0.01), and on potassium (α≤0.05) absorption percent. Nitrogen application effect was significant for potassium and calcium/potassium absorption percent (α≤0.05). There was no significant difference between evaluated ecotypes. According to mean comparison results, decreasing irrigation level from 100 to 50% of water requirement has led to increase in calcium, potassium and sodium absorption percent; On the other hand, it led to decrease in potassium ratio to sodium. Increasing nitrogen amount from 50 up to 150 kg/ha caused decrease in potassium and finally increased calcium/potassium ratio. It seems that increasing potassium, calcium and sodium in drought stress condition is one of the strategies for drought tolerance. For more details and applied results, it is recommended to evaluate relation between growth and nutrients uptake under water deficit and nitrogen application