Studies on the Relations between the Storing Conditions of Foods and the Infestation of Stored Grain Pests

Yosiko Watanabe, Yosito Sakurai
1960 Eiyo To Shokuryo  
The relation between the moisture of food and the reproduction of stored grain pests were studied. As a test insect,Tribolium castaneum was used in the experiment. As compared with the case of foods of more than 14% moisture,the reproduction of insects could be kept back partly in the food of to 13% moisture, and considerably in the food of less than 7% moisture.Once after the infestation of larvae,the moisture of food increased owing to the reproduction of the insects,and the reproduction of
more » ... sects were carried on,in the less moist food,though the rate or speed of reproduction were reduced as compared with the case in the moist food.
doi:10.4327/jsnfs1949.12.411 fatcat:tlbhc76sn5apvjlbnxeot7grum