Study of Different Types of Microwave Antenna and Its Applications

Chaitali Ingale, Trupti Ingale, Anand Trikolikar
International Journal of Computer Technology and Electronics Engineering (IJCTEE)   unpublished
This paper represents the classification of microwave antenna and its applications. Microwave antenna is a type of antenna which is operated at microwave frequency and they are widely used in many practical applications .A microwave antenna is a major system component that allows a microwave system to transmit and receive data between microwave sites. A microwave antenna is located at the top of a tower at each microwave site. Microwaves are radio waves with wavelengths ranging from as long as
more » ... ne meter to as short as one millimeter. Microwave antennas are widely used in various applications such as Televisions, and telephone communications are transmitted between ground stations and to and from satellites.