Avian ecology as it relates to the bird hazard problem at Vancouver Airport

Delbert Raymond Halladay
A general survey and analysis of the avian ecology and control problem of Vancouver International Airport was attempted. The approach followed in this study entailed consideration of as many bioenvironmental factors as possible to permit a broad understanding of bird activity in the area. Important aspects of weather, soils, drainage, flora and fauna were considered as objectively as possible. Records of bird occurrence, activities (including behavior) and food habits were made by making
more » ... count surveys, observations and collections respectively. The information gathered during the study period and from earlier work in the "study area" enabled the writer to designate each bird as either a problem or non-problem type. The latter types are not discussed in this thesis but the results of the food analysis for collected species is given in the form of an appendix. Problem bird species are discussed individually with information for most consisting of seasonal occurrence nesting and breeding activity, sex and age, daily activity, food habits, hazard to aircraft and possible control. General observations on daily activity of eleven problem bird species were also supported by a simple correlation analysis. One problem bird species, the American Widgeon, was studied experimentally. Live birds were encouraged to indicate their grazing preferences for five experimental ground cover plants. Unfortunately these experiments were met with a series of set backs which eventually forced their termination. Very little information gathered on grazing was considered worthwhile. However, there was some indication that birds preferred the grasses to the forbs used in the experiment. An analysis was made of experimental techniques used and suggestions were made for future work of this type. The majority of these suggestions are directed toward limiting the stress on experimental animals in light of the importance of this factor in determining the success of the present work. In addition to the above, field experiments were cond [...]
doi:10.14288/1.0104192 fatcat:3sqn736r7zhshmw4smg7qk3bay