A new bound of the /spl Lscr//sub 2/[0, T]-induced norm and applications to model reduction

M. Sznaier, A.C. Doherty, M. Barahona, H. Mabuchi, J.C. Doyle
2002 Proceedings of the 2002 American Control Conference (IEEE Cat. No.CH37301)  
We present a simple bound on the finite horizon L2 [0, TI-induced norm of a linear time-invariant (LTI), not necessarily stable system which can be efficiently computed by calculating the X, norm of a shifted version of the original operator. As an application, we show how io use this bound to perform model reduction of unstable systems over a finite horizon. The technique is illustrated with a non-trivial physical example relevant to the appearance of time-irreversible phenomena in statistical
more » ... mena in statistical physics. Given a stable, finite dimensional operator G:Lz[O,m) -+ Lz[O,eo) with a state space O-7803-7298-0/02/$17.00 0 2002 AACC
doi:10.1109/acc.2002.1023179 fatcat:yfijgtgfqbcvrhta3zjyrua7ki