Transition between inverse and direct energy cascades in multiscale optical turbulence

V. M. Malkin, N. J. Fisch
2018 Physical review. E  
Multi-scale turbulence naturally develops and plays an important role in many fluid, gas and plasma phenomena. Statistical models of multi-scale turbulence usually employ Kolmogorov hypotheses of spectral locality of interactions (meaning that interactions primarily occur between pulsations of comparable scales) and scale-invariance of turbulent pulsations. However, optical turbulence described by the nonlinear Schrodinger equation exhibits breaking of both the Kolmogorov locality and
more » ... ality and scale-invariance. A weaker form of spectral locality that holds for multi-scale optical turbulence enables a derivation of simplified evolution equations that reduce the problem to a single scale modeling. We present the derivation of these equations for Kerr media with random inhomogeneities. Then, we find the analytical solution that exhibits a transition between inverse and direct energy cascades in optical turbulence.
doi:10.1103/physreve.97.032202 pmid:29776139 fatcat:d2rfwgezgfe3vdgt467bsaooky